A month or so ago, I wrote this:

Not Ready to Be a Cat Lady.

Then this happened. Two orange aliens from outer space invaded my place.



Not quite a week ago, Cheshire and Charlie came home from the Fairfax County Humane Society.


Since, I have made, at least, six trips to PetSmart for:

2 litter boxes, 2 kinds of litter, litter box liners, litter scooper, dry food, canned food, food dishes, cat carrier, pet gate, food bowls, half a dozen cardboard scratching things, cat toys, cat bed, catnip spray, don’t-pee-here spray, don’t-scratch-here spray, no-odor spray, cat-stain spray, cat brush, kitten collars.

$1,000,000 (approximately)

One trip to PetCo for:

Litter box #3, Kitty Attract Litter, Litter Scooper.


One trip to Target for:

2 stainless steel lidded kitty proof trashcans, trashcan liners, 12 cans of gourmet kitten food.


So, all totaled about a bazillion dollars.

A bazillion dollars spent in just five days.

The world, as we know it, seems to be ending. I wish I could save it — but I can’t. So, I decided to save Cheshire and Charlie. As Trump Nation implodes, it seems the least I could do.

So, I guess I am ready to be a cat lady (sort of).

Five days in. Feline companionship. So far, so good.

Hu(man) companionship. Working on it. Stay tuned.

Singularly yours:



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